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As often, first words for the newie come from Frans de Waard who underlined its simple radiant beauty, but it got also mentioned twice in “Best Of 2012” lists despite its late December release : here & here !

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After a  hiatus of about a year, Mystery Sea is back with new plans, and relaunches itself as a CD series…crazy move when sales are low, I know…
so, PLS support by doing a purchase now and then…it’ll definitely help to keep the boat afloat, and allow further “volumes” to be published…
As first release, it’s the turn of the long delayed MS69 Chubby Wolf “Seasick”

All contents of the previous website will probably progressively migrate to this new blog which looks a bit spartan for now, and only points out mainly to the new stuff, but it should gradually become larger…
meanwhile, feel free to visit here for info about previous “volumes” :  MS01 to MS71


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