In the veteran flemish mag Gonzo Circus, Rvp gets swept along disorienting turbulent streams while experiencing MS78 “Courrière”, underlining Frans de Waard‘s multifaceted side…




It looks like Mystery Sea is to enter a new rather long dormant phase, as nothing is planned for 2016
This is partially due to the sister label, Unfathomless, which will be very active during this year, having monopolized all my enthusiasm…

I’m still open for relevant strong submissions though…

Take this as an opportunity to explore older titles maybe…

Plans are nevertheless made in a corner of my mind for re-releasing on CD some previous unavailable titles of the series, but not before 2017
first contender should be Kassel Jaeger, and his much sought for “Ee[nd]” album…Cherry Beach Projectsilo 11” is also on this list…

Otherwise here comes MS “Best Of 2015″ list. pls click on the thumbnail below to have a look.

For obvious reasons of partiality, No Unfathomless/Mystery Sea releases quoted.

Best Wishes 2016_MS+U_mini
Deep waves sent from here for a more serene & bright 2016.

Keep on resisting to the general gloominess, and give off positive messages.

Love should be the word !

Don’t forget to buy local, & insofar as possible,  support independent labels & artists !

To all those who contribute, again mega endless gratitude !


Massimo Ricci observes that “Courrière” aftereffects induce a gap, and that it’s thus definitely more active


and far-reaching that it seems…

For Vital Weekly, Peter Johan Nijland examines the flux of  MS78


and it’s heady side…

If one needed confirmation,  this new “sea” is indeed available since the beginning of this week…

expect…a drift within, to the edges of our own fears

MS78 Frans de Waard | Courrière CD

check out audio-sample & details by clicking on the image here below >



order your copy via Paypal at usual price :

(Belgium) : 13 € (inc.shipping costs)
(Europe) : 14 € (inc.shipping costs)
(World) : 15 € (inc.shipping costs)


Stephen Fruitman uses short metaphorical lines to depict the way MS75 has effects on ourselves,

MS75_James Wyness_stultifera navis_frontultramini

blurring all boundaries…

Ian Sherred for the Sound Projector gives MS75 a try

MS75_James Wyness_stultifera navis_frontultramini

and concludes post facto that there could be much more than first meets the ears…

Brian Olewnick in his Just Outside “diary” probes the foundations of “haereo“, enjoying much of its convolutions …

Richard Allen on the hunt for some traces of redemption in the immersive MS77, and regarding the corruption of this sea of mystery as a stepping stone to recovering a lost balance …

Another in french only review recently published in Feardrop where Denis Boyer uses the subtlety of his rich literary language

to circumscribe all the concealed power of a spellbinding (aral)